DL Guerra (Drew Lewis) is a director of commercials, music videos, and Film/TV.  He’s an award-winning stop-motion director, and the brain behind BLACK CANVAS, a Los Angeles based production company that has carved its own path in new media advertising and narrative. DL has a strong background in post-production and lends that to his strengths on set as he’s always thinking about the edit. He’s created content for some of the world’s largest brands including Delta Air Lines, P&G, Capital One and more. DL began his journey as a filmmaker at the age of twelve in Houston, Texas, when his father brought home a VHS-C camcorder that he had won in a raffle. It wasn’t long before he began experimenting with making his own short films, and by the time he graduated high school he had written, directed and edited a dozen of them. In 2010, Drew graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelor of Science in Film Studies. DL works as a writer, director, editor, cinematographer-for-hire in Los Angeles.

During the two years of juggling entrepreneurialism and freelance video work in Houston, he directed a short film called H-Town Up & Down, that was an official selection at the 2011 Austin Film Festival. It wasn’t long after visiting the Capital City for the film festival that DL decided to move to Austin, in pursuit of its filmmaker-friendly community.


I’m a writer and an editor, and when I’m lucky enough I do the stuff in between.



It was in Austin where his career really grew legs as he directed more advertisements for clients and agencies. He started working with more and more artists on bigger budgeted music videos, and used it all to help fuel his own film projects. In 2014, DL was awarded the title “Filmmaker of the Year” for the city of Austin by RAW: natural born artists.

In December of 2015, DL decided to re-plant himself and his company to Los Angeles, CA, where he continues to pursue his career today. He is currently working as a writer, director, editor and cinematographer-for-hire in Los Angeles. In between commercial projects, he is developing a slate of original series and films. His latest project, a stop-motion short film calledFANMAN'S BASEMENT, which was accepted into 15 film festivals in 2018 and even took home a win in the “Best Animation” category for DL. The project was a proof-of-concept for an original animated series with the same name which he is currently pitching.